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We have been a mat hoist manufacturer for 20 years. The HYBRID Electric Wrestling Mat Hoist 2000 is rated for 2,000 lbs of lift 24/7. The pricing is typically 40% less than most I beam style mat hoists because we don’t need an I beam in most installations. That saves us a 1400 lbs heavier strain on your ceiling or wall and saves a great deal of unnecessary expense. The MH 2000 must be located closely to a load bearing wall like most all mat hoists. It takes advantage of existing steel beams and Bar joists on your ceiling to avoid the expense of another I beam. The mat sling is available in most any color and is 50% stronger than most mat slings because of the larger straps. The MH 2000 includes 2 HD Safety Straps that are critical for safety and won’t work on most I beam models.



Hangs from 6 cables – not 3 cables

• Cables are terminated at top of wall - not on hoist beam

• Weighs 1400 lbs less than most mat hoists

• Accommodates the successful operations of two safety straps

• Stronger sling with more straps, stronger straps, and straps that actually wrap around the outside of the sling. This also leaves no marks on your mat

• ONE take-up spool for a constant level lift – 3 spools tend to cause problems and safety issues when the mat isn’t perfectly level and then have only two cables lifting. The weight can then mostly be on the middle cable only – which can break the cable or the teeth in the spool gears • Requires only 110 volts – 20 amp line like most basketball outfits


• One year labor warranty all inclusive when we install

• 5 Year Motor Warranty

• 10 Year Parts Warranty

• Tune Ups are recommended every three years for all styles of mat hoists (NEVER operate any hoist system with humans standing under it)

athletic value

Safety Straps will work on HYBRID


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