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ATHLETIC VALUES offers a variety of volleyball outfits that range in price from $1,000 to $10,000. The portable volleyball system with wheels are the least expensive and of course may be used most anywhere there is room. We also offer the more traditional 3” and 3 ½” posts that typically fit into floor sleeves and then utilize floor plates to cover the holes. The posts/standards may be made of either steel or aluminum for lighter handling. Choose from several brands and quality levels.


Our ceiling mounted volley ball system prevents the need for floor sleeves and floor plates which saves considerable $$$. It also prevents the hassle of carrying the outfits back and forth, scratching the floor, and the need for storage space. The 3 ½” steel posts swing down from the ceiling, driven by a basketball electric hoist much like a basketball outfit that also is made of 3 ½” steel pipe. A manual winch is mounted at the bottom of the post to allow you to get the net cable extremely tight, and there is no pipe closer than 4’ from the floor for a more safe playing area, thus minimizing the need for safety pads on the poles. A portable judges stand may be positioned at the very end of the net. Simply attach the net to the posts after you lower them with a key switch. Several brands are available but the best value is the HYBRID for approximately $6,000. The price of any good outfit.


Ceiling Suspended Volleyball System

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