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Keeping your equipment Tuned Up will make it SAFER and help it LAST MUCH LONGER. It will also help prevent expensive repair bills down the road. Most people call this Preventative Maintenance (PM). PM is also very important when safety issues are a concern, most especially when you have a heavy apparatus hanging high on a gymnasium ceiling. Your usable lifespan on bleachers can easily be doubled with PM. PM is also very important when safety issues are a concern, most especially when youathletic-flooring have a heavy apparatus hanging high on a gymnasium ceiling. And, even more important when these items are able to move by being motorized (rather than fixed in one position). Vibrations from the motors tend to loosen nuts and clamps that would most ideally have been welded. We like to say “A drop of oil in the right place can make all the difference.”


Frequency of PM on Telescoping bleachers hinges on three primary factors:

  1. The size or number of rows and,
  2. How often you open them and close them and,
  3. How old they are?
Older bleachers that are 12 rows or higher and are opened and closed more than once a week will likely require a Tune Up every year. Of course a Tune up should be performed at the first sign of symptoms like squeaking, crooked tacking, growling, doesn't fully open, doesn't fully close or marks on the floor. It is always less expensive to prevent physical damage caused by these symptoms. WE offer a "Moderate Tune Up" that covers most everything except replacement parts and the labor to install those replacement parts. Examples of possible additional parts could be lock arms, rollers, drive rollers, electric motors etc. What this does cover is :
1.Lubricating all moving joints/parts. That includes both the upper and the lower tracks and drive trains sales
2.Alignment of sections to prevent binding on tracks
3.Positioning and spacing to the back wall and concrete anchors if needed
4.End rails systems to be adjusted and tightened as needed to facilitate proper closing
5.Lock or brake systems to be adjusted as needed
6.Damage inspection - i.e. broken seats or bent steel members
7.Hardware and fasteners to be tightened as needed
8.Friction floor pad assemblies to be cleaned and adjusted 9. Drive rollers to be cleaned and adjusted for grip 10. Flooring under bleacher to be cleaned


Motorized Batting Cages utilize dozens of moving parts and require a Tune Up approximately every two or three years. Allow us to do the following:

1.WE inspect all parts sale
2.WE lubricate all moving parts
3.We’ll adjust the limit switches
4.Add crank case oil on the gear box and replace warn parts or bad pulleys and spools
5.WE can also patch the netting if the tear is not too large
6.Warn cables usually need to be replaced
Adjustments are made to level off the frame at various heights


Gym Divider Curtains tend to get pushed around a little because they are often right on the floor. Sometimes they are even climbed upon. PM will usually extend the life of the vinyl which is easily torn. Please allow us to Tune up your Curtain by:


1.Inspect and adjust the electric motor sale
2.Add oil to crank case as needed
3.Set limit switches to optimal heights
4.Adjust the curtain to be level at both the top and the lower position
5.Inspect all components
6.Lubricate all moving parts
7.Replace warn cables and pulleys as needed
8.Patch tears and holes to prevent growth


Mat Hoists lift the heaviest items in the gymnasium. The average wrestling mat weighs approximately 1,700 lbs. The threat of that much weight in the air influences most schools to have their mat hoist tuned up every other year for safety reasons. Of course, PM helps a great deal with an item so very heavy. Please allow us to:


1.Inspect cables for wear and tear sale
2.Inspect connectors on cables –swaged or bolted

3.Inspect upper limit switch for function and accuracy and adjust as needed

4.Inspect lower limit switch for function and accuracy and adjust as needed
5.Check the load bar for level and adjust as needed
6.Put a wrench on all bolts and nuts to tighten
7.Check main body of hoist for stability and adjust as needed
8.Check fast response rectifier on brake system
9.Check and lubricate main bearings on drive shaft
10.Check all gears for all teeth
11.Check all cables for proper spooling
12.Check anchor bolts and clamps for a tight fit


Most ceiling mounted basketball outfits weigh over 1,000 lbs and also move to create another strong safety concern. Of course PM helps a great deal with the moving parts. Please allow us to:

1.”Put a wrench on every nut” sale4
2.Lubricate all moving parts
3.Check all moving parts for wear – cables, pulleys, gears, hinges, etc.
4.Reset limit switches both top and bottom for optimal positioning
5.Check hoop for height and level                
6.Check backboard to be plum and level and to be 15” from free throw line
7.Check hoop, board, and backstop framing for cracked welds
8.Check Safety Pad for integrity and adhesion to board
9.Check Safety Strap to recoil properly
10.Check height adjusters for lubrication and function
11.Check hoist motor for gear lube, bearings, noise and bolts


Folding Partitions are very heavy and require annual Tune Ups as they age. PM helps to extend their life a great deal since they are also motorized with many moving parts. Extending their usable life pays dividends on such expensive items. Please allow us to:

1.Check all drive sprockets and sheaves for inner bushing wear, proper alignment, and excessive tooth and groove wear sale
2.Check gear heads for proper fluid level and possible leakage from poor seals
3.Check all drive chains and cables for excessive wear and fraying cables
4.Confirm all keeper pins are in place and tight
5.Clutch type partitions – check that all discs are clean and not worn
6.Check wheels and trollies for wear and faces that meet track
7.Grease wheel bearings and check for wear
8.Check pendent bolts and top door plates for stripped bolts
9.Check all hinges to include hinge pins for excessive wear and oil
10.Check for proper operation of mechanical seals at bottom of door
11.Check idler sheaves and gears at opposite ends of track for excessive wear
12.Check floor track to be clean

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