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HYBRID SILENCER Divider Curtains Fold Up are the most reliable on the market because of their simple drive system. They do a great job of absorbing and separating noise with the 3” acoustic flap at the bottom and available double wall thickness. We also offer the Drive Shaft style drive system and the Roll Up curtains. But the best value by far and the most reliable is our Clue Style Fold Up Curtain.

The HYBRID Fold Up Gym Divider Curtain is the strongest vinyl gym curtain on the market. Most of these curtains all look alike to the untrained eye. But the HYBRID is made to last. 20 years of service work has convinced us to promote this design as they are always the most reliable and low maintenance curtain we find in gyms almost every day.


icon20 oz vinyl while others typically use 19 oz

icon 3/16 cable (1800 lb) while all others use 1/8” cable (800 lb)

icon1 HP Electric Hoist while all others use ¾ HP hoist

icon Lower pocket is lined with a biddum padding for safety like no others

icon D rings for cable lines done’ wear and don’t bind up and are more attractive

icon Hanging from chains, our fold up curtain often times can fold all the way up

icon Optional double wall thickness separates noise much better

icon 3” Acoustic flap hangs down from bottom of curtain to stop balls and noise without scratching floor

iconOne take up spool rather than 9 or 10 for more reliability and always level curtain Wall Mounted Fixed – WMF-10



iconOne year labor warranty when we install directly • 10 year parts warranty on curtain parts

athletic value

1 HP Electric Hoist


Curtain Flap


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