athletic value

Synthetic Sheet Goods flooring also absorbs noise



ATHLETIC VALUES offer a variety of synthetic Athletic Flooring products depending on the actual application and activities desired. Prices range from $2/ sq. ft. to $8/ sq. ft.


Recycled black rubber flooring is most popular in weight rooms and exercise areas with free weights.

Choose from either snap together tiles or sheets goods. Colors may be solid black or 10% color fleck or 20% or 30% or 40% color fleck. Most standard basic colors are available. Thicknesses vary from 1/8” to ½” depending on the activity.

athletic value

Athletic Flooring Sheets 


These sheet goods vary infinitely in color and thickness depending on the activities. They typically possess a tuff top layer over a softer and more impact absorbent bottom layer. Many folks like the wood grain appearance but prefer the much lower maintenance of these prefinished floors. Many only require cleaning for 10 years. We offer the “ACOUSTIC” variety that will absorb up to 20 db of sound, thus killing two birds with one stone as most all gyms and cafeterias are full of sound reflecting materials like concrete.

Thickness varies from 1/10th inch to ½ inch and prices vary accordingly from $2/sq ft. to $8/sq ft. depending on the activity. Most floors need to be above finish grade for moisture prevention. Classrooms also now benefit from this flooring with acoustic absorption as it provides a warm friendly feel with low maintenance.


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